Top Free Cloud-based Creative HTML5 Digital Publishing Platforms

Cloud-based digital publishing provides a practical solution to deliver content to a maximum audience, enabling your audience to read your digital publications anytime and anywhere. And this article introduces 3 free cloud-based creative HTML5 digital publishing platforms that may help solve your content circulation trouble.



Developed based on HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery technologies, Pub HTML5 is an ideal digital publishing solution for online eBooks, magazines, product catalogs, shopping catalogs, company brochures and so on. With this digital publishing software, you can publish HTML5 digital magazines to cloud-based platform and make your publications accessible to anyone. Your audience can read your HTML5 publications on almost any device such as PC, Mac, desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android and other mobile devices.

pdf-to-html5-ebook-html5-css3-ebookAnd with Pub HTML5, you can publish HTML5 digital publications for free. You just need to sign up for an account and then you can login to publish the publication to Pub HTML5 Cloud Hosting.


Flip PDF Pro

Flip PDF Pro ( combines Flash and HTML5 technologies. On one hand, this software allows you to publish basic Flash based version for desktop users, on the other hand, it enables you to create an HTML5 based version for mobile users. And you can easily upload the publications online to FlipBuilder cloud-based platform.

Flip PDF Pro

Flip PDF Pro


Flip HTML5

Absolutely HTML5 and cloud-based digital publishing platform ( that lets you create interactive HTML5 digital publications.

Flip HTML5

Flip HTML5



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